Top 3 Cloud Security Providers

Every modern business is running operations using cloud computing in an effort to remain competitive in the market. The ability to store and manage business or individual data on a given remote Internet host ensures that you will always gain access to your data. Though there are several cloud security providers in the market, the aspect of advancement of technology is proving to keep this market competitive. Cloud computing stores data from various sources and this is what makes security a major concern for most businesses. This is raising the need to rely on cloud security solutions. The following are the top 3 cloud security providers in the market you should consider.

  1. CipherCloud

CipherCloud is taking one of the top positions as a cloud security provider because it offers one solution to protect consumer information online. Transactions are currently being completed online and consumer sensitive information must be protected. While all information is protected, this security provider ensures that the site retains its usability, its functions, and objectives as well as better its overall performance.

CipherCloud provides users with protection controls such as encryption, data loss prevention (DLP), malware detection as well as tokenization and monitoring of activity. These are concerns that may interrupt and provide risk to security measures.


  1. Veracode

Veracode is looking to reduce any risks, which arise from using third party software for storage of data and information. When gathering information, not all of it is compliant to the enterprise security standards. To ensure compliance of these standards:

  • It will analyze all 3rd party applications in an effort to check on their security status.
  • Since it serves as an independent party for enterprises, it is ideal as a security measure for enterprises.
  • It offers software vendors a guide to promote effective security measures to suit their objectives.
  • Enterprise consumers will also receive updates on their vendor status reporting.
  1. Zscaler

Zscaler’s Direct-to-Cloud Network offers a better solution to the increasing number of mobile users on the internet. This security provider seeks to deliver security services to not only cloud applications but also solves the possible challenges of mobile security and those arising from arising social media reliance.

The added advantage of using Zscaler is that it does not require that you purchase a hardware or software to install it or maintain it. It is a one off investment, as you do not have to keep making repeat purchases. Zscaler has ISP Partners including BT, which deploys this security provider to Global 2000 and Verizon, which is for large enterprises.

The above cloud security providers are not only seeking to promote security measures to meet their target market information and data when cloud computing but they are also affordable. They are reliable and meet their indicated objectives. There are other cloud security providers out there that working their way to the top and giving these security providers a run for their money. However, they are taking the top positions, which have led to the rating of the providers as among the best.


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