Technology at the 21st Century

Technology Has provided a lot of ease in the way our life goes.

Technology has indeed changes the way on how our life revolves, From the early 90s of using computer desktops as a luxury and can only be owned by a wealthy individual. Having a dial up connection that means providing you a burden of missed calls due to causing your telephone line busy unless you have to different telephone lines at home. An enormous amount of internet bills monthly, looking for someone you used to know seems to be impossible even on the online world, no social media, and MIRCQ chat is the big guy in the online world. This days are now gone, thanks to the rapid improvements of the technology in the 21st century.

Gone are the days of falling in line to pay bills or buy stuffs, everything can now be done online, Wifi access are available everywhere. The absence of laptop or desktop is no longer a necessity, what used to only be accessible using computers are now available at the fingertips of your mobile. Having a mobile version of a website seems to be a must nowadays. Yellow pages and advertisement post on newspaper seems to be dead now, all you have to do is search your needs in a specific area and results will appear in a blink of an eye.

Online works and outsourcing are now trends in terms of doing business. One can earn millions of dollars without having a physical office and only needs to have a table and chair to seat with a computer with an internet connection and everything can be accomplished. Newly gadgets and functions are increasing and sprouting like mushrooms, a new mobile phone will be an old model in less than a year with its’ new model being release in the market.

The rapid changes due to technologies are not all good though, they can always be misused and abused but if we are disciplined enough to take precautions and learn to respect ones privacy and property, we will all be enjoying the changes this technology have provide.

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