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Welcome to Glitr.com!

This website was created and maintained by myself Tommy Richardson, I am an online evangelist who teaches online marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization. Glitr is a website in a form of blog to provides regular updates about the new trends in the market, mobile models, new online strategies and “in stuffs”. However, Glitr.com is not only limited to provide technology about internet and computer stuffs, this site also provides information on the rapid changes in different sectors that includes, but are not limited to; new modern farming technologies, changes in transportation and communications, and other technology changes including those that includes new discoveries.

About Me as a site Owner

This is the luxury of having technology, can even work while still on bed.

This is the luxury of having technology, can even work while still on bed.

I have to admit that a decade ago, I am actually “zero” or got no knowledge at all in terms of internet marketing, although my interest about technology has been in my heart and mind since I was a kid. I am very much fascinated and interested in modern stuffs, from mobile phones, hybrid vehicles, new computer software and gadgets and all those camera things. I love technology and how it has influence our lives though in the back of my mind, I am also scared of that danger that could happen out there or perhaps what could gone wrong in case we suddenly gone back to the old age without this technology. Somehow, being a positive thinker, I believe that this are just fear of the unknown, and as our lives progresses with the help of technology, those fear can always be resolved.

It has been a dream that turns into reality after I was able to produce this website, from scratch, armed with all the trainings and webinars I have attended and the right tools so start up. I believe it is my mission to share the rapid changes that technology have provided to every person in this planet.

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